Biology Practicals Kit for Class 9 & 10

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The Biology Practicals Kit for Class 9 & 10 contains 12 experiments to understand concepts of biology for CBSE & ICSE. There are explainer videos provided in the kit and a feature to ask douts and receive answers.

Please note: A 140x magnification microscope is provided in the kit, which was developed at the renowned Stanford University.

List of 12 experiments in the Biology Kit:

  1. Microscope: Onion Cells
  2. Microscope: Cheek Cells
  3. Microscope: Stomata
  4. Test for Glucose
  5. Test for Sucrose
  6. Test for Starch
  7. Test for Fat
  8. Test for Protein
  9. Potato Osmoscope
  10. Transpiration by a Plant
  11. Diffusion
  12. Absorption by a Plant