About Us

At Youngineers,

We aspire to assist children to become curious thinkers with our toys.

As a toy company, we aim to be more than just toy manufacturers and be providers of knowledge for children.

As an Edu-tech company, we wish to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge by teaching children the science, engineering and math concepts behind the toys with our interactive video content.

Company Members


Priyansh Lakhotia

CEO and Co-Founder

My job is to design the toys and manuals, and also make the educational and marketing content. I came up with this idea and started prototyping in my 10th grade, in the year 2020. The company was formed in 2021.

My Mom

Payal Lakhotia

Co-Founder and Director

My mom is in charge of Finance, Customer Service and Material Sourcing. Whenever I ask for anything, she makes a few phone calls and gets me whatever I need for the toys.

My Uncle

Animesh Lakhotia


My Uncle is in charge of heading operations for Manufacturing, Packaging and Product Delivery Logistics.

My Grandfather

Prem Ratan Lakhotia


It seems that my grandfather knows every person in India. He knows a lot of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in almost every industry.