2-in-1 Word Builder + Stacking Numbers

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This toy kit includes 2 wonderful toys, to cover 2 core subjects in a child's growth. Maths & English.

Self-exploration, self-correction and self-confidence, are 3 things that these toys help build in children, apart from mathematical and English skills. This will help the child get ahead of the learning curve, by building a firm grasp on the subjects.

The Stacking Numbers toy introduces children to the basic concepts of

  1. Addition
  2. Subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Simple Equations

The toy does so with an innovative and intuitive method, which is very effective in teaching those concepts.

The Word Builder Toy covers topics of English, through a series of fun educational videos along with the toy, made by an experienced teacher. These English concepts are -

  1. Vowels And Consonants
  2. Letter Sounds
  3. The Alphabet Song
  4. Joining 2 letters
  5. Easy Sight Words
  6. CVC Words
  7. Advanced Sight Words
  8. Blends Sounds
  9. Diagraphs
  10. Double 'OO'
  11. Double 'LL'
  12. Magic 'E'

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